At Lisa’s Childcare children are provided with a high standard of healthy meals using quality ingredients. All food is included in daily cost of childcare.

Lisa’s Childcare believe it’s essential to provide children with positive, healthy eating experiences for their personal wellbeing.  They also encourage children to look at the long-term effects of a healthy and balanced diet.  All dietary, cultural and health needs of all the children are takien into consideration and are accommodated for without hesitation.

At Lisa’s childcare a healthy menu is provided to all children.

The food we provide meets the nutritional requirements and dietary needs of children as they grow.

Children are welcome to come to childcare with a packed lunch, however, we do ask parents that sugary drinks and chocolate are not featured in their lunch boxes. We also stress that there may be some children in the setting that have certain allergies, therefore we will ask parents at times, for certain food items to be omitted from their childs packed lunch menu.

A variety of healthy snacks and drinks will be provided at snack times. All children have the accessibility to drinks of water throughout the day.

Lisa’s Childcare encourages children to choose healthy options and to experiment by trying new foods from other cultures.

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